5 Day Savvy Sales Challenge  

  • Day 1: Create Curiosity About What You Do  
  • Day 2: Pick Up The Buying Signals  
  • Day 3: One Word That Sabotages Your Sales  
  • Day 4: Building Your Network  
  • Day 5: Overcoming Objections  

"I had the pleasure of attending one of Nikki's recent workshops. Despite my 18+ years of sales experience, I found Nikki to have some wonderful new ideas and thoughts on the sales process and turning leads into paying clients."-Christina 

"After hearing Nikki speak at a seminar and leaving with easy approaches that I could immediately apply, I hired her. I was starting my own business based on 18+ years of business acumen that was globally recognized for best practices. The strong service offering was there but the challenge was that I didn’t know how to sell it and in a way that was authentic and true to who I am. I needed best practices but I also needed to be comfortable while offering it and not feeling like I am coming across as pushy, etc. I needed Nikki." Hannah Pelley – Founder and Solutions Consultant, Solutions for Impact, LLC